The Most Effective Outfits In Sackboy: A Big Experience

Screenshots of five different costumes from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

The LittleBigPlanet collection has actually constantly had customisation at its heart, which’s still the instance in Sackboy: A Big Experience, the titular personality’s very first solo endeavor, and also very first strong enter the globe of 3D platforming. While you can no more position sticker labels on the degree geometry itself, you can still share on your own by clothing Sackboy up in a series of vibrant outfits.

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These are made throughout the video game, either by discovering their specific items in degrees or buying them from Zom-Zom’s store, and also they catch the video game’s handmade ambiance completely. Below, in no certain order, are 10 of the most effective attire you can wear on your Huge Experience.


10/10 Yeti

Two screenshots of the Yeti Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Set up from items made throughout the video game’s very first globe, the Skyrocketing Top, the Yeti outfit is a great take on the traditional animal. Including white cotton woollen hair and also blue skin, along with a pink concept throughout the ears, nose, mouth, and also toes, it develops a solid colour combination that functions completely.

The emphasize right here, nonetheless, is the horns; turning and also aimed, these are skillfully stood for in the outfit as crinkled items of cardboard, their internal lining noticeable from specific angles. It’s a fantastic take on a trendy outfit, especially provided the value of Yetis in the video game’s opening globe.

9/10 Alien Lifeform

Two screenshots of the Alien Lifeform Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

This is just one of the extra complicated outfits in the video game, changing Sackboy right into something virtually totally unrecognisable; something alien, one could state. Not just does it include environment-friendly arms around Sackboy’s arms and also head, yet it includes an entire cone-shaped spacecraf round his legs, full with joystick controls and also additional arms.

Extra arms show up round the rear of the outfit, hing on the rear of the spacecraf base, while 2 additional eyes beside Sackboy’s very own actually amp up the unusual feeling. It’s an extremely efficient outfit, and also one that matches the Interstellar Joint, the globe in which it’s discovered, well.

8/10 Rock Beast

Two screenshots of the Rock Monster Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Among the complete outfits discovered within the video game’s music degrees, in this instance Crablantis’s David Bowie-based Choral Coral Reef, the Rock Beast outfit provides a nicely actual take on the principle, changing Sackboy right into a demonic entertainer full with a guitar.

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The incorporation of spiked armour, consisting of an upper body item that networks Dark Spirits 2’s well known Smelter Devil, places the ‘steel’ right into ‘hefty steel’, while the hair, horns, fangs, and also eye make-up recall to well-known rock looks from the past. It’s an ominous appearance that can place worry in the heart of the baddest of employers.

7/10 Console Cat

Two screenshots of the Console Kitty Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

A creative meta appearance, the Console Cat outfit changes Sackboy’s head right into a display within the display; a modern-day tamagotchi with a psychological array just a couple of pixels vast. It’s one of minority outfits that totally covers his head, many including a mascot-style face opening, and also because of this it attracts attention in Sackboy’s messy closet.

The various other information, such as the earphones, radio antenna and also chest-based D-pad, full with a pixelated heart, include a tonne of personality to the clothing, while the strong pink color scheme guarantees you’ll never ever shed your personality in a disorderly multiplayer session. It’s a trendy outfit that exudes purrsonality.

6/10 Sunken Pirate

Two screenshots of the Sunken Pirate Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Pirate is an enduring staple of the dress-up box, making routine looks at Halloween and also outfit events because aeons ago. Sackboy’s take on this renowned clothing is instilled with a briny deep-sea flavour, with a lot information that you can virtually taste the salt airborne around it.

The algae beard and also moustache combination, together with the starfish eyepatch, are expressive sufficient by themselves, yet the masterpiece is the hat: a gigantic production, so huge that it doesn’t all fit on the video game’s closet display, which contains a whole sea’s well worth of agonizing, growing sealife.

5/10 Mecha

Two screenshots of the Mecha Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

The Mecha outfit completely catches the childhood years leisure activity of constructing your very own battlesuits, its cardboard wings, handwear covers and also helmet all emitting that rough-edged luster that communicates both shoddiness and also high quality in the exact same look, the glossy silver and gold repaint compared with the noticeable cardboard borders beside them.

Remembering Plaything Tale with its prolonged wingspan, the outfit’s neon environment-friendly sword and also too-cool tones bring points with each other incredibly. The last touch, 2 batteries lodged in the back, working as a makeshift jetpack or source of power, caps off this mechanised work of art marvellously.

4/10 Hammerhead Shark

Two screenshots of the Hammerhead Shark Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Often it doesn’t take a tons of props or information to make an outfit excellent. This suggestion is detailed completely in the Hammerhead Shark outfit, a straightforward two-piece event restored from the midsts of Crablantis.

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The video game’s handmade feeling gets on complete screen right here, and also you can essentially see both specific items of the outfit integrating. The big stitches, googly eyes and also big switch on the upper body, together with the well-textured blue really felt, collaborated to make this outfit all at once seem like something you might make on your own in a mid-day, while likewise looking excellent on-screen.

3/10 Dragon

Two screenshots of the Dragon Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

An enforcing outfit offered for acquisition in the Centre of Craftworld, Vex’s damaged domain name, the Dragon is suitably alarming for the phase of the video game in which it shows up. With its brilliant red skin and also switch eyes that in some way handle to really feel chilly and also stubborn when coupled with the cardboard fangs listed below, the Dragon transforms Sackboy right into one terrifying monster.

What actually raises it are the tiny added information, nonetheless: the smoke that frequently ripples from the outfit’s nostrils, and also the surges of light that occasionally overlook the scaled stomach, developing the perception of flickering fires close by.

2/10 Vex

Two screenshots of the Vex Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Sackboy’s biggest competing turns into one of his biggest outfits following his loss at the end of the video game. The Vex outfit is opened when you leap back in to deal with the post-game Wonderplane obstacles, and also it takes care of to catch his evil-minded beauty completely.

The dangling bells on completion of the jester-cap head are a good spirited touch, yet apart from that this outfit is Vex right: equally as frightening when diminished down as he was full-size. That the layout still takes care of to daunt in this even more small kind variable is testimony to its toughness, and also makes this outfit among the most effective in the video game.

1/10 Sumo Wrestler

Two screenshots of the Sumo Wrestler Costume from Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

This is just one of the last outfits you open throughout A Huge Experience, constructed from items discovered throughout the remarkably hard Wonderplane degrees. It looks like a weird selection initially, up until you know that it’s really a brilliant nod to the video game’s programmer, Sumo Digital.

Its condition as an endgame easter egg suffices to gain it a position on this listing, yet the outfit itself is properly designed too. The blow up fat fit body is both amusing and also charming, while touches like the belt, hair and also eye make-up bring sufficient credibility to the outfit to stop it from being a plain apology.

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