Fiber optic cable to be a $6 billion market in 2019, but not by 2020?

A $6bn fiber optic fiber optic broadband cable is the latest industry move that would boost the growth of broadband services in the US.

Bloomberg reported the announcement from the Federal Communications Commission.

“Today, the commission is announcing that it will lift the caps on the wholesale price of telecommunications services for consumers,” a spokesman for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said.

“Fiber optic broadband, or ‘Fiber’, is the future of broadband.

It’s the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable broadband option available.”

The FCC is expected to make the announcement in the coming weeks, but the commission also indicated that it is considering expanding the caps to cover other types of cable and Internet services.

The FCC announced its initial cap on wholesale prices in February 2019, which had been set at $5 per month for fixed lines and $3 per month over the air.

The commission’s previous proposal would have capped wholesale prices at $1 per month, but that was scaled back after a backlash from the cable industry.

The previous proposal was also criticized by ISPs, as it would have required them to pay a hefty monthly fee to their own network operators, who would have been able to negotiate lower prices for their own networks.

That plan was eventually dropped.

The new plan would instead cap wholesale prices to a percentage of the basic cost of a connection.

“As the internet and broadband networks continue to evolve, we must continue to work with industry and policymakers to ensure that consumers have access to the highest-quality internet,” Pai said in a statement announcing the FCC’s decision.