iPhone lightning cable raises a major controversy

The iPhone Lightning cable is being touted as the “most secure, reliable and aesthetically pleasing cable available” for its design.

But some people have questioned whether the cable is actually a good investment, or that the cable has been “designed to look and feel like a piece of junk”.

In a blog post titled “Why iPhone Lightning Cable Should Be Your New Best Friend”, security expert Chris Dixon explains why Apple’s cable is better than other cables.

“This is a cable designed to protect your iPhone,” he wrote.

“The iPhone Lightning is the most secure, trustworthy and aesthetical pleasing cable on the market.”

What does this mean?

Apple’s Lightning cable has several advantages over other cables:It’s a cable that protects your iPhone from electrical shocksThe cable has a built-in circuit breakerThis makes it more difficult to accidentally cut yourself or othersThe cable is easy to maintainThis allows for regular maintenanceThe cable can be upgraded to a more expensive cableDixon explained that the iPhone Lightning can be easily upgraded to Apple’s proprietary Lightning cable, which has been designed to look like a “piece of junk” and is made to look better than others.

“The iPhone is built to look great on Apple products,” he explained.

“And when Apple wants to make an iPhone cable, they always make it look like junk.

It’s a shame Apple has chosen to create this cable, because they are just making it look bad.”

He pointed out that if Apple really wanted to protect iPhones, they would have built a better cable and replaced the Lightning cable with something that could be upgraded in the future.

“If Apple was really serious about protecting their iPhones, then they should have made a better iPhone cable,” Dixon concluded.

“But they don’t want to do that.

They want to sell us iPhones.”

AppleInsider reached out to Apple for comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

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