5 Things to know about the Asus Xonar RT-AC71 Pro wireless speakers

The Asus XONAR RT-AU73 Pro Wireless speakers come in three different models, but the latest is the RT-A71, a new, high-end model with better sound quality and support for Bluetooth 4.0.

The RT-UA73, which is a smaller model, has slightly more room for a Bluetooth 4, but also supports the newer wireless standards.

The Asus RT-U72 Pro Wireless speaker is a Bluetooth 5-enabled model, and it’s compatible with Bluetooth 4-compatible headphones.

If you’re looking for a good Bluetooth speaker, the Asus RT72A, which we’ve tested, has good audio quality and a surprisingly comfortable build.

Both the RT70 and RT80 have Bluetooth 4 wireless headphones, but we’re not sure how well they’re going to support Bluetooth 4 with a wired headset.

Asus’ new wireless speakers also support the Qi wireless charging standard.

These speakers can be bought on Amazon for around $200, and if you’re interested in buying one, be sure to check out our detailed review of the Asus RX-A81, which supports Qi wireless.

You can also buy a pair of the XONA XonAR speakers, which have similar specs and sound quality, for $130.

Both have an excellent Bluetooth wireless audio solution, and they’re both wireless charging options.

The XONO XonAr Pro Wireless Speaker is the most affordable of the wireless speakers, with a base price of $499.

It comes with a 4-ohm woofer and a 2.1-channel speaker system.

The A81 has a 6-ohm and a 5-ohm driver.

We recommend the A81 for users who want more bass and better sound, and the A61 for people who like their wireless speakers to be a little more powerful.

Asus also released the Xonars XonR Wireless Speaker, which has the same wireless audio quality, but it also supports Qi Wireless charging.

Both of these speakers can cost around $600, and we’d recommend the Xons for anyone who’s looking for an inexpensive wireless speaker.

The LG XonA Wireless speaker can also be had for around the same price as the X80.

It’s not a wireless speaker, but you can connect it to a Bluetooth headset, and this Bluetooth wireless speaker has a nice sound quality.

We’d recommend this for people looking for more sound quality over the A82 and A82A.

LG has also released two new wireless headphones: the Xonei Wireless Headphones and the Xonic Wireless Headphone.

Both are Bluetooth 4 audio headsets, and these headphones support Qi wireless audio.

LG also offers a Bluetooth 6- and Qi 5-powered wireless headset for $180.

This wireless headset is an improvement over the Xonta Pro Wireless Headset, which had a wired version, but had a slightly smaller screen.

The Qi wireless headset has a slightly better design than the wireless headset in the Xotas XonAir, which was released earlier this year.

It supports Qi and wireless audio, and is available for around about $200.

The only downside to these wireless headphones is the lack of an audio jack, which means you’ll need to use the included Qi cable to use it.

The most affordable wireless headphones available today are the LG Xone Wireless Headpack and the LG Vibe Wireless Headgear, which are both Bluetooth 4 compatible.

Both can be purchased for around half the price of the more expensive wireless headphones we’ve reviewed.

We’ve reviewed the Xones XoneR Wireless Headpacks, which include a Qi wireless headphone jack, and a Qi 5 wireless headphone cable.

Both models support Qi charging.

You could also get these Bluetooth wireless headphones for $60 each, which isn’t a bad deal for a pair.

You’ll also need a Bluetooth USB-C to USB-A cable for your wireless headphones.

There are also a few wireless speakers that support Bluetooth wireless, but most of them are only compatible with a wireless headset.

You might want to get a wireless headphones that supports Bluetooth 4 or 5 if you have an older wireless headset that doesn’t support wireless.

The best wireless speakers are the ones that support both Bluetooth wireless and wireless.

Asus has also announced a new wireless speaker called the XosXon.

It is Bluetooth 4 and wireless, and you can pair it with a Bluetooth phone.

The company has also launched a Bluetooth wireless adapter called the Wireless XonB, which includes a Bluetooth port for the Xono Pro Wireless headphones.

We’ll be testing this Bluetooth adapter on the Asus Wireless XonoPro Wireless Headband, and will update this review when we review it.

There’s also a new Bluetooth wireless headset called the QonA Xono Wireless Headpad, which offers wireless audio with Bluetooth and is compatible with both Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4 (or later) for a low price. You need

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