‘American Idol’ winner ‘I have a problem’ with the Trump administration

Fox News host Steve Doocy on Tuesday blasted the president for a tweet that mocked the media’s coverage of the Ebola crisis.

“I have two problems with the president,” Doocy said on “The Five.”

“One is that he thinks he’s going to make the world safe for his country.

The other is he’s got a problem.

He said something that I have a very hard time accepting, which is, ‘I’m going to get rid of all the reporters.’

That’s an understatement.

And that’s a real problem.”

Doocy made his comments during an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” which aired Tuesday night, during which he said Trump is “the president that’s in charge” of the country’s coverage.

Trump has made a number of tweets over the past week that have been seen as criticizing the media, including a tweet on Tuesday that referenced a story about the Ebola epidemic.

Doocy also slammed the president’s handling of the situation in the United States, which he called “incredibly dangerous” during a Sunday interview on “Face the Nation.”

Docter: Trump ‘will be impeached’ for tweets about Ebola Docter said Trump’s tweets are “not really surprising” considering he “was elected to do something different.”

“He’s a guy who is a man who was elected to fix things.

And he’s not a guy that can do anything about it,” Docte said.”

He thinks he can fix everything.

He thinks he will be impeachable.

He’s a very dangerous guy.”

DoCTer said he thinks Trump “lacks the ability to actually make this country safe,” especially with the outbreak still underway in the U.S. and with a Republican in the White House.

“You can’t say that, when you have the president who was sworn in as president, to make America safe.

And I think that’s the problem,” he said.

The Fox News anchor also said Trump has a “moral responsibility” to do more to prevent the spread of the disease.

“And that’s what he’s doing with his Twitter account.

That’s what I think the president needs to do to make this nation safe,” he added.

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