‘It’s a big, dark story’: What’s next for the Sparklight cable show?

Posted September 16, 2018 05:33:22With a new TV show coming to HBO in 2019, what will it be called?

A new Sparklight movie?

Or maybe just Sparklight?

While HBO’s latest series Sparklight is being eyed as the network’s new spin-off of its Emmy Award-winning HBO drama, the sparklight cables are about to find themselves under new management, with a new show being developed that’s set to be called Sparklight: The Complete Series.

With HBO’s new network coming in 2019 and a new Sparklite movie, the new Sparklit series is set to make its debut, though the Sparklite is being developed as a standalone series.

While there’s no word on when the Sparklit movie will be released, we’ve got our guesses for the next few months.

While the sparklit cable show is set for a 2019 release, the Sparklive series is slated for a 2020 release.

It’s not clear if that means the series is a spin-offs of the Sparklite movie or a completely new series altogether.

The Sparklight series has been in development for over a year now, with two pilots being made at the same time, but both of those have been shelved.

The first one, Sparklive, was a four-hour comedy about two guys trying to become sparklit by finding a spark.

That series was cancelled in 2016 due to poor ratings and the lack of buzz.

The second, Sparklites, was the first new Sparklited series to be filmed since The Sparklight and was also cancelled.

Now that the new series is in production, it’s time for the show to find its footing.

“The Sparklitic series will be based on the popular Sparklight television series and the Sparklon series, both created by the same company, Sparklight Cable.

Both series were created by an independent creative team in order to produce a fresh new Sparklish television series,” a HBO rep told Entertainment Weekly.

In a recent interview, co-creator and star Nick Jonas shared a few details on what he sees in the new show, including that it will feature the same cast as the Spark live-action series.

“We’ve got a very talented cast and it’s a really fun cast, and they’re doing great work.

It’ll be a lot of fun to play with, and I think it’ll be just as funny,” Jonas said.

The cast of Sparklive includes Adam Driver, Josh Gad, Nick Jonas, Dacre Montgomery, and Rachel Bilson.

The other cast members on the new sparklit series include Sarah Chalke, Mark Ruffalo, and Michael J. Fox.

The series will also include a new musical episode, which Jonas hopes will be a sparkly spin on the music video for “Birdsong,” by The Beatles.

“I’m a big fan of The Beatles, so I want to get that out there and I want this to be a good sparkly pop-rock kind of show.

I’m also excited to do a show that’s sort of a mix of that and The Beatles,” Jonas told EW.”

They’re the most iconic songwriters in pop-culture history.

I want the show, I want that to be really cool and fun, and it will have a bit of a rock-y feel to it.

And I’m really looking forward to it.”

As for the sparklites spinoff, Jonas says the Sparklights are going to be more like the Spark Live series.

They will follow a new character who, with the help of a certain cable company, has to connect with a certain spark, and will also get a lot more serious.

“It’s going to focus more on the human side of the characters, and more on being a bit more of a show,” Jonas says.

“We’ve all been in this weird place in our lives where we’re doing a lot, and then we’re having to put aside all that and do a lot on a very basic level.

And Sparklight, in the sense that the cable company is in charge of it, that’s not going to happen, but it will.

And that will give it a little more gravitas and a little bit more seriousness.

And hopefully that’s going, in a way, to make people more engaged with the show.

That will make it more enjoyable for people.”

While the SparkLite series will not be a spinoff of the new HBO series, the cable network is hoping the Spark series will become the next Spark Live.

“The Sparklive will be something that I am very excited to work with,” Jonas tells EW.

“I’m super excited to be working with a very great writer and executive producer, Michael Green.

And we’ve all worked together on shows before.

So, I think I will be in a very good place.”

For more on Sparklits new series, stay tuned to EW.

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