A cable-free living space

A cable has been invented that is completely free of the elements.

The cable is corded and powered from solar panels and runs completely off the grid.

A team from Tel Aviv University is creating the cable-less home by connecting to the grid, using solar power to power the cable, and using an existing copper cable to connect to the internet.

The Tel Aviv team is using solar energy for its home.

The solar power will be used for the cables power.

It will then be used to recharge the cable when the battery is depleted.

The project will have its first public demonstration in September and it is expected to be completed by 2020.

“The concept is very simple,” said researcher Avraham Shavit.

“A solar panel is connected to the house, which can be powered by the sun, or by a wind generator.

The panel generates electricity by using sunlight and then turns the energy back into electricity through the solar panels.

When the batteries are full, it turns the electricity back into heat, which is then used to heat the house.”

Solar panels can be made of wood, glass, plastic, metal or even metal, he added.

The technology is so new, it is still in its infancy.

“For us, this is an extremely exciting project, because it represents a completely new technology and it can offer us a truly eco-friendly solution for the home,” Shavits said.

“We are very excited about the results of this project.”

The project will be launched as a demonstration of a technology that has been developed over the past two years, he said.

It has already been used to test the feasibility of using solar panels to provide power for the grid for more than three years.

The researchers will be able to see what happens if they connect to a home without the need for solar panels, said Shavitt.

This will help them determine if the system works or not.

For the first time, the team plans to use a solar system to provide a power source.

It is possible that the panels could be connected to a conventional power source, but the team says it will also test the system for that.

“We will have to test this system with our solar system,” Shaver said.

“It will have a real impact on our lives.

This system will be free of any unnecessary components, and it will have no impact on the environment.””

We hope to build the first commercial system, and we will see how it performs,” he added, “and we will also see how the results will be for the society, the environment and the citizens.”

The researchers are working on several different projects that will provide them with new ideas to improve the efficiency of the solar energy system.

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