When cable companies merge, you’re going to see a lot of cord-cutting

Cable companies are now more likely to sell off their properties and move them to new locations.

Some of the new ones will also offer cable management services.

While that’s not exactly a new concept, it is something cable companies are starting to experiment with.

One of the companies making this transition is Cox Media Group.

Its new subsidiary, Cox Optimum, will operate Cox Cable in more than 120 markets, including California, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

Cox Optima also owns cable service from Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable and Verizon, among others.

Cable operators and cable networks will also be offering cable management packages through Cox Optimal.

“We’re not changing how we do business.

The companies that do it today have a lot to lose by not doing it,” said Chris Smith, Cox’s vice president of strategy and business development.

The Cox Optimacy merger is the latest in a series of moves that cable operators are making to move away from legacy infrastructure and to invest in newer, more mobile-friendly offerings.

Cable companies have been moving to digital offerings in recent years, such as offering cable-only services, which use the internet to stream video instead of over the phone.

But they’re also moving to video-on-demand services, such to Netflix and Hulu.

The Cablevision and Comcast cable networks have also been testing video-sharing apps, such Asmodee and Vudu.

The move away to digital services will benefit the cable industry, which needs more content on its network, Smith said.

“In the last five years, we’ve had a lot more choices and a lot less consolidation.

The industry has been very fragmented, which is good for the consumer, but bad for the businesses,” Smith said, noting that consolidation has reduced the number of content providers available to customers.

Cox will be offering more than 100 video-streaming apps, including HBO Go and HBO Go Plus, as well as Netflix and other streaming services, Smith added.

Cox has been testing a cable-specific video-delivery app called Cox Plus for more than a year.

That app will be available for download starting in 2018, he said.

Another new offering from Cox is Cox Cable Plus, which will be more like an internet television service, Smith explained.

“It’s going to offer video, including the most-used content, for people who have cable or aren’t in a home-video package,” he said, explaining that it will provide “a much more tailored experience for consumers.”

The Cox Cable TV and Cablevision cable networks, which have been offering cable services for years, have also begun offering services like Cox Cable Unlimited.

Cox plans to launch Cox Cable Ultra, which offers up to 1.3 million channels and will offer services like Cablevision’s MyDish and HBO GO.

“Cox Cable Unlimited is going to be the next generation of a cable TV package,” Smith explained, adding that Cox is working with other cable companies to provide services that will be similar to Cox Cable Premium.

The cable networks are also exploring a streaming video service, called Cox OptiFi.

Cox Cable Opti Fi will offer a mix of content including Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO, Smith noted.

Cox is also testing a pay TV service called Cox Cable Pay.

“There’s a lot that we’re working on,” Smith added, adding, “I think we’ll be ready to announce it in the next two months.”

While the new Cox Optitums offer will offer more video than before, it will still provide content that customers have already seen.

The company is also experimenting with video streaming through apps like Vudubee, which allows users to watch shows on-demand, and Hulu Plus, an online video service that streams shows and movies over the internet.

Smith said Cox is developing a “vibrate” feature for users to access video when they’re offline.

“People will have a voice on the device that they can speak to and see what’s happening in the channel,” Smith noted, adding Cox has an Android app that will allow users to connect with friends.

The new Cox cable service will also allow users with existing cable packages to take advantage of Cox Optimedia, Cox Cable’s online streaming service, in which they can stream content from the Cox Optitech app.

Smith explained that Cox Optiplexes will allow customers to stream content over the Optiplex and CableTV networks, without a subscription.

Cox and Optimum are already offering Cox Optipay, which provides $25 monthly credit for the purchase of a new or used home TV package or new or upgraded cable box.

“That’s a really nice benefit for people, as opposed to a lot fewer people having the same value,” Smith continued.

“The average household is going live