Le Monde: ‘Le Monde’ is coming to the BBC in 2017

Le Mondelie: The BBC is set to launch an ambitious new English-language news channel in the coming weeks, the broadcaster has announced.

The news channel will debut next month in the United Kingdom and then expand across the globe, beginning in 2018 with a second channel in France and an online-only channel in Germany.

It will also be a service for subscribers in the UK.

“We are proud to launch Le MONDELIE in 2017,” said Alain Laborde, head of news and culture at the BBC.

“It will be the first English-based English-only English-to-language channel and we are working with a number of leading international broadcasters to help build on this legacy.”

The new channel will be led by a team of leading news and cultural figures from across the BBC and Le Mondo, including Alain Lafitte, the editor-in-chief of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, as well as French journalist and documentary-maker Claude Rigny, who has written several books on the French revolution and who will host the channel.

It will also include a host of current and former journalists, including Mark Rylance, Charlie Hebdo’s most-awarded news editor, and David Mabbutt, the former editor-at-large of the UK newspaper The Guardian.

It is the first time a French news channel has taken on a news program with a British team.

Le Mondels first news coverage appeared in 2012.

Le Momma, a French-language daily, was founded in 2002, but it only began producing English-speaking news in 2011.

It has a circulation of about 3.5 million readers in France, a few thousand of which are outside the UK and the rest in the US.

The BBC is expected to announce the new channel’s first episodes in the near future, with a full slate of new shows and documentaries set to air in the following months.

LeMondelies mainstay, Le Mødchen, will move into the newsroom of the BBC’s English language news service, the BBC News Channel.

The news channel also will produce documentaries and feature interviews.

Le Mondelie will air in English on BBC One, which was launched in 2010.

Its new channel is scheduled to launch in 2019.

It also plans to launch a new online-based service in 2019, with plans to introduce English subtitles to help its English-speakers.