TV cable outage ends after 4 hours of delays

After a 4-hour delay Friday, cable providers in the Northeast are expected to get their services back online by Monday.

But the problems don’t stop there: The system will likely take a week to recover, with customers experiencing power outages and outages lasting more than four hours.

The Northeast’s power outage has stretched to its limit.

Here’s what you need to know about the outage.

More:An operator says it’s going to fix the problem, but not before the end of the day.

“Our engineers are working hard to get it back online,” Comcast spokesman Ryan Johnson said.

The outage was caused by the outage of the country’s second-largest cable company, which had to shut down its power plants in the Boston area and New York City because of an outage in the cable system.

Comcast’s New England division lost about a third of its cable TV subscribers in the wake of the power outage.

The company’s cable system is owned by Time Warner Cable, which has struggled in recent years with poor customer service and a surge in customer complaints.

That’s been a concern for Comcast since the company acquired the cable company in the summer of 2015.

The Boston area has been suffering from an unprecedented power outage this month, which lasted for five days.

Comcast announced it would restore power to more than 3 million customers after a partial outage for about four hours, but the company has been unable to get back online.

A spokeswoman for Comcast did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In New York, Comcast announced that it had restored power to nearly 100,000 customers, but many were still experiencing outages.

A spokesman for Comcast said about 20,000 Comcast customers were still without power Friday.

A spokesperson for the New York Public Service Commission said the state had not yet received the FCC’s request for proposals.

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