Cable news ratings fall as cable lock in Florida loses customers

Cable news channels in Florida, the country’s most populous, have lost about 13% of their viewers over the past year, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The Nielsen ratings for all TV and radio news programs, including cable news, dropped by about 7% in the year through Dec. 31, from a year earlier, according the report.

The network news programs that do well in this category also did particularly well.

Nielsen measured cable news viewership by viewing hours and not by the average number of hours a cable news network aired, and its ratings reflect both total viewers and households that have a connection to the cable network.

Nielsen did not include local or regional news programs in its ratings.

The survey found that cable news was down 9% in New York City, 8% in Los Angeles and 9% across the nation.

The ratings also show that the national cable news market has fallen significantly.

In 2017, the Nielsen ratings show that more than 4 million more people tuned in to watch news than watched traditional television, the first time since Nielsen began tracking the viewership of television programming in 1972.

Niad says it expects the news ratings to drop further, as people continue to watch less TV.