What you need to know about cable adapters

The most popular cable adapters are made of a thin piece of copper or plastic and can plug into most Apple and Samsung phones.

The other major cable brands include cable-wrapped adapters that use metal strips to plug into your computer’s power supply and USB ports.

But a recent survey found that just a third of people use these adapters.

Here’s what you need.1.

What you should know about adaptersThe term “copper-to-plastic” refers to the way the cable ends up on your phone.

The two main types of copper-to -plastic adapters are: Apple cable, which can be plugged into an iPhone’s USB port and the Apple Lightning port, or Pioneer cable, used to connect to an iPhone with an adapter that plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack.1) Apple Lightning cable: When you plug an iPhone into an Apple Lightning jack on your computer, the connector will automatically connect to the iPhone.

This is what you get with Apple and other smartphone adapters.1a) Apple cable: A small piece of plastic and a small cable will stick out of your iPhone’s case.

You can buy adapters that work with this type of cable.2) Pioneer cable: An adapter that uses a small piece to plug the Lightning port of an iPhone.

The Pioneer connector is also known as a microUSB or a Lightning plug.3) Apple charger cable: This is a thin plastic piece of cable that plugs onto your computer.

It is often used to charge an iPhone, MacBook, iPad or other mobile device.4) The latest adapters can also use a third type of adapter, which is a wire that runs between two different pieces of plastic.

This type of connector can also be used with Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod adapters.5) There are adapters that can plug directly into the Lightning ports of other smartphones.

For example, a Lightning cable from a MacBook Air or iPhone 7 can plug straight into the iPad’s dock connector on an iPad Air or the iPhone 7 Plus.6) Other Apple cable adapters also work with other Apple devices, like iPhones and iPods.

For more information, check out the Apple and Pioneer websites.1

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