FourFour Two: Cable pull through for Xbox One

PS4 has had a few cables removed from its box, but for now it’s Xbox One that’s got the last laugh.

We’re reporting that Microsoft has added a new cable pull through option to the console’s menus that lets you plug your PS4 into an Ethernet cable to access games, and you can even play online with the same console as the Xbox One.

It’s a bit of a workaround, as it requires you to first connect the Xbox to your PC first, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed that this new cable system is for Xbox consoles, but we’re expecting it to be for PS4 as well.

Check out the new cable tech here.

4K HDR HDR HDR TV in PS4 console The PS4 is set to get the HDR tech that Xbox One has been slowly getting, and PS4 owners can get their hands on a new 4K TV with HDR that offers 4K support.

While it doesn’t support HDR as much as other HDR TVs out there, the PS4 TV does have some of the best HDR viewing options on the market.

PS4 can use its built-in HDR tuner, which automatically adjusts the brightness of its image and brightness settings according to what you’re watching.

HDR is a huge deal to us because we’re used to seeing HDR in our games, movies, and TV shows.

HDR on the PS3 was better, but Xbox One’s HDR isn’t quite as clear and detailed.

You’ll also notice that it has a slightly more muted color palette compared to the PS2 and Xbox 360.

You can see that in the 4K TVs you see in this video.

We like how it works and how it looks like in real life.

Sony’s Bravia TV, however, is one of the few TVs that has this built-into HDR option.

PS3 TVs don’t have it yet, but the Bravia HDR TV will be available soon.

PSVR: PS4 vs. PS VR The PSVR is a VR headset that’s been out for awhile now.

Sony has been releasing PSVR games for the headset as well, but they’re limited to PlayStation VR titles only.

Sony is offering the PSVR version of the headset at a discounted price, but you won’t find the full PlayStation VR experience on PS4.

PSN is also getting a PSVR bundle, and the PS VR is coming to PC and Xbox One too.

PlayStation VR’s best feature is the ability to play PlayStation VR games on the PC or Xbox One without any hassle, which is a big boon for PC and console gamers.

However, it will be difficult to enjoy all PSVR titles without a PS4, and we’ll have to wait for the PS1 VR bundle before we can see the full experience.

PS Vita Slim and PS Vita Pro Slim: PS Vita vs. Vita The PS Vita was announced back in April and has since been on sale at a very good price.

The PS3 version has been out since November, and it’s available to purchase right now for $399.

That’s a lot cheaper than the PS Vita’s original price of $599.

PSVita is the cheaper of the two versions of the PSVITA, and is available for $279.

That price tag doesn’t include the PSvita Pro Slim, which features a 4K display, a bigger battery, and a bigger RAM.

However it’s the PS VITA Slim that’s a better value for PS gamers right now, and one of our favorite PS4 games right now is the excellent Destiny.

PS Vita Pro S Slim and PlayStation VITAS Slim: Vita vs PS Vita The PlayStation Vita is now on sale for $299.

That means it’s still a very cheap option to own a PS Vita.

PS 4 owners can also get a PS Vivo for $99 right now.

The Vivo is the smallest PS Vita and is still very small, but its 4K screen is pretty impressive.

We don’t recommend using the Vivo over the Vita, as the Vives display is brighter and sharper than the Vita.

It can also use the PS Camera app for better VR content, which we love.

The Vita is also available for a much lower price on Amazon.

PlayStation Camera app on the PlayStation Vita: PS Camera vs PS Camera On the PS camera app, the Sony Camera app will now be available on the VIVO and PSVivo, respectively.

Both the Vivos and the Vips have the camera built in, and if you own the Vita you’ll find it in the PS app.

We recommend using this app when using VR on the Vita as the camera is much brighter and easier to use than the camera on the VR headset.

It will also work with the PS 4 camera.

We love the VIVE app and hope Sony will add the camera to the VR app