How to fix your home Internet: What you need to know

If you’ve been wondering whether you’ll ever need to turn your cable TV or internet into a cable, you can now learn.

The FCC has just approved a new rule that will allow cable operators to sell services that can be used for home Internet.

The move could put the brakes on the development of a new type of Internet service called Spectrum Cable, which is being developed by Comcast.

Comcast already sells broadband services to homes and businesses for around $40 a month.

Comcast is hoping to sell Spectrum Cable at a discount by allowing it to bundle its broadband services with its cable TV service.

“Consumers will benefit by using Spectrum Cable for home use and for businesses and residential customers alike,” the FCC said in a press release.

Spectrum Cable is designed to offer “a new way to offer consumers access to high-quality broadband,” it said.

The new rule allows companies to sell broadband services through “third party providers that offer the spectrum that the consumer wants, without having to provide a separate physical infrastructure for their customer’s home network.”

It also allows companies like Comcast and others to sell “substituted broadband services” that offer access to the same bandwidth and data speeds as their own network.

The FCC says that providers can sell the services at lower prices, but it will not allow them to charge consumers for them.

The proposed rule requires broadband companies to have a “reasonable assurance” that their broadband service can be accessed by a “home customer,” meaning that the service will work on their home network if they have a physical network connection to the internet.

It also prohibits ISPs from offering services that “deliberately interfere” with customers’ access to their home broadband networks.

The Federal Communications Commission said that Comcast and other ISPs will be able to sell their services to consumers if they can demonstrate that “their broadband service is available to the home customer and provides an acceptable level of service.”

Comcast will not be able sell Spectrum Cables to homes, it added.

The companies will also be able offer “broadband services at prices that will ensure that consumers are able to access broadband services for the home, at reasonable prices,” the rule said.

This includes a requirement that “a reasonable assurance” must be provided by the company to justify any price increase for the broadband service.

The rule also says that the FCC will not require “any broadband service to be a separate service from a cable TV subscriber’s cable service, as proposed by the Commission in the past.”

It said that this requirement would not apply to Spectrum Cable.

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