‘Saved By The Bell’ Fans React To The Disappearance Of ‘Saving’ Actor Michael Emerson

By Lauren Hockenberry and Sarah MaysUpdated November 15, 2018 06:10:19A few days ago, “Saved by the Bell” actor Michael Emerson was on set on location for the third season of “Saving,” which is set to premiere this fall on ABC.

The actor’s whereabouts are still unknown, but he has posted an Instagram photo with the caption, “Happy New Years!”

Emerson was filming the Season 3 finale at his home in New York City and he was seen wearing a purple shirt with a pink cap.

As the season is being filmed, he shared a photo on Instagram that included a caption that read, “Just kidding.

This is all part of the show and the crew filming this one.”

The “Saves” actor had previously shared that he was working on a number of projects, including the third and final season of the animated show “Frozen.”

While fans have speculated about the actor’s fate on set, some have not been as optimistic.

On November 14, Emerson tweeted, “I have a very busy life right now.

I’m filming season 3 of ‘Saves’ on the beach with the family.”

That same day, he posted another Instagram photo that showed a white shirt with the words, “Woke up to a white collar.

My life is good.

Thanks for the support!”

Fans have been posting on social media about the possibility that the actor is still on set.

Some have even been willing to believe that Emerson is actually alive, despite the possibility of a fake news story being fabricated.

“If it’s true, it’s very unfortunate,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another user added, “My life is not good.

I’ve been told he is alive but that’s all I know.

If true, Michael Emerson is in the show.”

A few hours later, another user tweeted, “”Saved is not a fake.””

He’s still alive and filming Season 3 of “saves,” Emerson tweeted.

Fans have also been quick to point out the irony that the man who played “The Rock” on the show has been seen in recent months doing various other things that may have been a little out of character for the actor.

“Saved was a bit of a goofball, he was always trying to be the most unique person on the set,” a “Savers” insider told “The View” last month.

“It’s just a strange, surreal thing to see him in a blue shirt and a purple cap.”

“I’m a big fan of Michael Emerson,” another “Saver” insider added.

“He’s always been such a funny guy.”

Emerson’s return to the show is expected to be a bit more dramatic than the last one, which he played in 2015.ABC is airing a second season of ABC’s hit series “S” with “S,” which premieres on September 25.

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