‘Orange Ridge’ cable TV provider loses bid to join the cable-TV market

Orange Ridge, a cable TV service based in Virginia, announced Thursday that it would stop buying satellite TV and will instead begin offering its own service on its own network.

Orange Ridge Cable said it will be the only company offering its services to cable and satellite subscribers, instead of relying on cable companies to deliver them.

It plans to launch the service next year.

The cable-only cable service, which has about 50,000 subscribers, will be called Orange Ridge.

It is expected to begin offering service in 2019.

It will be available in 25 markets.

In a press release, Orange Ridge said it is adding a $10-per-month service to its service, Orange Crest, to cover a higher volume of programming.

Orange Ridge plans to expand its service to more markets in the coming months.

It will also offer other new services, including a digital-only service, the Orange Ridge Connect, which will provide customers with access to the service’s other offerings, like cable-free access to video and online.