Why cable guy has a problem with Indians and their ‘dismissal’ of India’s apology

In a statement, India’s cable guy told Reuters he believes the Indian government’s apology to the world is “ridiculous”, and said it was “sad” that the Indian people had to endure what he called “the humiliation” of a “disgraceful” apology.

“I believe the apology is ridiculous, it’s insulting to the Indian nation, and I am sorry for that,” said Vinod Kumar, who runs a small cable company in southern India.

India, the world’s third-largest economy, has been under criticism for its treatment of refugees and other displaced people who have fled from violence and poverty in parts of the country.

The Indian government has blamed the flood and the drought, which has been blamed on climate change, for the deaths of nearly 6 million people, but some experts say the number of deaths could be much higher.

India’s government has said it will help some refugees resettle in the country and promised to provide them with food and medicine.

Kumar told Reuters that India was not the first country to apologize for a crisis.

He said that the European Union had apologized after the 2008 financial crisis, and the United States had apologized to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Katrina.

He said he had never met a single person in India who said they did not like what India had done, and that the apology had been an attempt to curry favor with India’s growing middle class.

“It’s a very big country, and a very large country, they (the Indians) have the highest rate of middle class people.

They want to keep them in India and they don’t want to leave,” Kumar said.

India is expected to formally apologize to the international community at a meeting on March 18, and Kumar said he would meet with foreign ministers in New Delhi to discuss the issue.

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