The Cable Tray (with an extra speaker) for $100 from


“We can give you the best possible cable experience for less,” Cable’s marketing director, Alex Stieber, told us over email.

“And because you’ll get the best value, we’ve got you covered for years to come.”

That includes $10 off any cable package, including a bundled one from Cable, the cheapest bundle of all time.

If you don’t want to pay full price, you can opt to receive a free three-month trial.

“As a cable subscriber, you want the best cable experience possible, but you also want to save money,” Stiebber told us.

“That’s why we’re offering a 30-day free trial for new customers.”

And if you’re looking to get your first gig, Cable’s cable deals are usually great.

You’ll get your choice of a cable box or a set of cable adapters, and they’ll include a new set of speaker cables, which we’ve reviewed.

But Cable’s bundle of $100 cable trays includes a $60 package that includes the most expensive set of adapter.

You can also get a set for $75 if you buy it separately.

“This is a great bundle for people looking for something a little more expensive,” Stiesber said.

“They’ll save $50 if they go the adapter route.

And they’ll get a little bit more value for their cable bundle if they purchase both adapters separately.”

Cable’s price tag is $130, but Stiebs says they’re offering this deal because they believe the average household is already spending more than $200 a month on cable.

“People want to buy a bundle,” he said.

The bundle includes two sets of cable, and it’s easy to find a cable with a high-end component.

We love the cable tray, but we’re a little disappointed that it doesn’t come with a more expensive set.

But if you want to spend $100 less on cable, it’s a great deal if you live in a household with two or more people.

“If you have kids, you don.

If your grandkids are on it, they’re on it,” Steebber said, noting that a couple of the trays have a built-in power strip that can be plugged into a wall outlet.

Cable’s Cable Tray for $120 from Cable News Network is also great for those who live in an apartment.

“It’s an attractive, high-quality cable package that you can save money on and it comes with a great cable adapter,” Stliebber explained.

“The price is great, the service is great.”

Cable will ship out a few more trays of this bundle next month, which will include an adapter for $65 and a cable bundle with a pair of speaker headphones for $70.

Cable trays that have an adapter or the cable bundle will ship next week, but the cable trashers aren’t likely to arrive until the end of March.

“Cable’s plan is to continue to build its customer base and get more people with the same great experience,” Strieber said in an email.

Cable will also be adding two new trays next month with the $130 bundle, but they’ll be a bit pricier.

Cable also has a $100 deal for those in the US and Canada, and those trays will ship this coming week.

If these are the best deals for you, you may want to get these trays and save some money.

But be aware that Cable has a lot of other deals going on right now.

“For some people, it will be a good idea to look into Cable’s other bundles, as they are much more reasonable than their Cable trasher bundles,” St.ieber said over email, noting the $30 “high-speed bundle” that includes two cables and an adapter and $50 “high performance bundle” with an adapter, a $75 “low performance bundle,” and a $70 “high speed bundle.”

You can check out Cable’s full list of offers at Cable.


If the Cable Tray bundle isn’t your cup of tea, you could always check out these other great deals for cable.

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